Born in an era with no internet, where one of the good things is not having spent my whole childhood online, and the stress of always being connected, that just came later lol. Oldest sibling out of five, where my entire childhood revolved around sports. I think I have tried most sports as young. Maybe it was my father trying to pass on his football dreams to me as the first child. If I had continued with fotball, I would have played in the national women´s fotball team, so he must have done something good, because I was really good.

Always had a passion for film and acting, and can't really blame anyone but me for seeking out my dreams until 2013, the year after I went through a separation from a 13 year relationship where my ex had been very patronising about my choice for wanting to do acting. Now afterwards, I understand that was all about his insecurities.

The film industry is very special, to say the least. The way people treat each other, the hierarchy and the way people consider themselves as "more". I have my feet in two worlds, the film world and the financial world, and I often think about how it would be if we treated each other in the financial sector I work in, like in the film industry (it almost makes me laugh out loud, because that would never work), and let's not forget "Mee too", yes I have been there too. Casting directors/"film people" who call me drunk and want to hang out, who want to date, and who want to have the  audition "at home", When I told them no, they stopped casting me etc. Well, I still believe in "Karma".

But I still love the film industry. You can call it a love-hate. But 99,9% LOVE.


Linda Anborg is a Swedish actress. She is born in Stockholm county, Sweden to a Swedish-Norwegian father and Swedish-Finish mother. Linda studied Law and Economics, with a past working in the med tech- and financial industry, along with modeling, before moving on to films.

She started her career in acting 2013 and has been in movies and TV-series such as "Tommy", "Johan Falk", "Perfect Family", and "The Square", which won The Cannes Film award Palme d'0r for best film in 2018, and received an Oscar and Golden Globe nomination same year.

Linda is in the cast of the movie "Triangle of Sadness" which won the Palme d'0r Award at the Cannes Film Festival 2022, also starring Woody Harrelson, Charlbi Dean along with Harris Dickinson.

Linda played soccer (10 years) and basketball in her younger days, and she is also a licensed personal trainer. Today, taekwondo is her passion when it comes to sports. Linda is a black belt.

Life is about learning, growing, finding passion, loving, being loved, being kind and respectfull, having fun, enjoying the beauty of life in all its forms, and above all, being grateful. I will never stop practicing.
Finding your passion can leave you feeling frustrated how to tackle life while trying to achieve your dreams. But just like Tom Hanks said; "If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. It´s the hard that makes it great".